Extraordinary Young Inventors Promoting a Growth Mindset

Extraordinary Young Inventors Promoting a Growth Mindset

Children’s innate ability for creative problem-solving often leads them to innovative solutions that even adults might overlook. However, fostering their passion for innovation can be challenging unless they first develop a self-perception as inventors.

Imagine if every learner dared to pursue their unique questions. What problems would they solve? What groundbreaking discoveries would they make? Fortunately, young inventors worldwide have chosen to believe in themselves, actively pursuing their ideas and becoming a true inspiration for many.

Incorporating young role models into STEM education boosts learners’ confidence and capacity for innovation.

5 Ways Learners Benefit from Young STEM Role Models

  • Inspires innovation
  • Builds learners’ confidence in their abilities
  • Promotes diversity and inclusion
  • Encourages learners to pursue their goals
  • Fosters a growth mindset

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Inspiring Young Minds: 5 Kid STEM Role Models

Let’s get inspired! These amazing young inventors are proof that the next great idea can come from anywhere and anyone.

Chester Greenwood

Invention: Earmuffs, 1873
Age at time of invention: 15
Location: Maine, USA

In 1873, Chester Greenwood was frustrated. The scarf he wrapped around his ears refused to stay in place and failed to keep him warm while skating. He developed a prototype, asking his grandmother to sew beaver skins to his secure, wire-frame earmuff design. A few years later, World War I soldiers and kids alike had an effective way to stay warm in the winter.

Bishop Curry V

Invention: Oasis, 2018
Age at time of invention: 10
Location: Texas, USA

Bishop Curry V is on a mission to save young lives. Inspired by a tragic incident in his local community, he came up with a cool idea — a device designed to alert parents and law enforcement if a child is accidentally left alone in a hot car. The Oasis car seat monitor blows cool air to the child until assistance arrives and is also equipped with motion sensors and GPS technology. Through crowdfunding, Curry built a prototype and even received a patent in 2018 for his life-saving invention.

David Cohen

Invention: Robot Earthworm, 2014
Age at time of invention: 13
Location: Texas, USA

A science lesson on earthworms inspired David Cohen to design life-saving robots. Fascinated by their ability to tunnel under layers of dirt, Cohen coded a prototype that could reach and aid disaster survivors trapped beneath rubble. He even included heat sensors and GPS that help locate survivors. Robot earthworms are quite the byte-sized heroes!

David is right — earthworms are incredible! These impressive creatures can inspire your learners too. Download Exploring Earthworms with Dirt Art for a STEAM activity showcasing how earthworms help ecosystems thrive.

Sarah Buckel

Invention: Magnetic Locker Wallpaper, 2006
Age at time of invention: 14
Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Sparking joy within your drab school locker is easy thanks to Sarah Buckel. Unhappy with difficult-to-remove locker decorations, Buckel teamed up with her father's magnetic business card manufacturing company, MagnaCard, to design magnetic wallpaper she knew teens would love. Her idea brought in over one million dollars in just one year and has stuck around for purchase ever since.

Shubham Banerjee

Invention: Braigo printer, 2014
Age at time of invention: 12
Location: Born in Hasselt, Belgium/ Moved to California, USA

You've heard of the famous kid inventor Louis Braille, but what about the young inventor who made his raise dot system more accessible? Shubham Banerjee’s brick-based Braille printer brought costs for a typical printer-embosser from nearly $2,000 to just a few hundred dollars. While his company Braigo Labs manufactures printers, they also offer open-source documentation, giving anyone free access to build their own Braille printer. How cool!

More STEM Role Models Free Resources

In the world of STEM, age is just a number, and these young innovators are here to prove it. Maybe the next great innovator is just waiting for that breakthrough lesson to inspire them.

Consider this your sign — use role models to make your STEM learning environment more inclusive, engaging and inspiring. Here are a few more to help you get started.

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Author: Jessica Ventre

An experienced elementary educator and science instructional coach, Jessica’s passion for STEM instruction and student-led learning is always at the forefront of her lessons and professional development workshops.


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