Math Storytelling: Survive the Wild with STEAM

Math Storytelling: Survive the Wild with STEAM

Math surrounds us each and every day. We see, use and talk about math without even realizing it! Math storytelling allows learners to discover how math can be found in every aspect of our lives. It teaches why math is important through exciting stories and hands-on activities. When incorporated into lessons, genuine connections are made to the subject. This boosts learner engagement and nurtures a positive view of math.

Inspired by activities found in Survivor, learners collaborate to complete an exhilarating STEAM challenge that encourages discussion, drawing and writing about math. In this lesson, learners engineer innovative survival tools and craft descriptive letters, all while intertwining storytelling with math!

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Learners use ingenuity to gain crucial skills such as knot tying, water purification and compass navigation. Bringing STEM to the great outdoors, instructors love the hands-on, collaborative curriculum. Learn More!