Click or Close? Cybersecurity Games

Click or Close? Cybersecurity Games

Ads are all around us. You may even have clicked on an ad to find this freebie! Many ads are meant to sell genuine products and services, or share public service announcements and other helpful information. However, not everyone online has the best of intentions.

Perfect for Cybersecurity Awareness Month or any digital citizenship class, this freebie explores the difference between authentic ads and scams. Using fun mazes, matching games and card games, students of all ages practice thinking critically about advertisements.

We’ve adjusted the activities for three different grade bands. Download the best one for your learning environment:

Grades K-3:

Young learners help Ada learn how to identify ads and rescue her friend, Patti!

Download Grades K-3 PDF

Grades 4-6:

Upper elementary learners dive into identifying common red flags in advertising through a fun card game.

Download Grades 4-6 PDF

Grades 7-12:

Middle and high schoolers play a more complex version of the Ads & Flags card game to learn how to spot fake social media accounts and other more subtle red flags in advertising.

Download Grades 7-12 PDF

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