STEM Plus 4 V3 Turbine Competition-PCS
Pico Turbine

STEM Plus 4 V3 Turbine Competition

The PicoTurbine STEM Plus takes learning to the next level by adding the heart of competition to the equation. Each STEM Plus interface allows up to 4 alternating power sources to be compared at one time. Using a computer, students can see real time data comparison of RPM's and power output of their alternators.

Create your own blades or modify the design for data analysis on your Turbine's efficiency!

This kit was designed to work seamlessly with the PicoTurbine Savonius V3 Wind turbine kit and helps students judge the craftsmanship of their work. Allowing students to succeed or fail is at the heart of learning and understanding. The STEM Plus interface shows students exactly how well or poorly they constructed their alternators, creating an environment where they can learn from their mistakes. With constant feedback students are able to learn what helps or hinders alternator efficiency, making the STEM Plus interface an ideal addition to classroom.

Our packages are bundled to fit right into any educators budget!

Ages 8+

Includes 4 PicoTurbine Savonius V3's and interface & Software!

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