SKY-Z Limitless Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
SKY-Z Limitless Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
SKY-Z Limitless Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
Pico Turbine

SKY-Z Limitless Horizontal Wind Turbine

The most complete Educational Wind Turbine on the Market. 3 different size blades, pitch built into the Hub, completely hands on, the ability to customize your DIY generator using pre-wound coils & rare earth magnets, convert AC to DC power with the DIY rectification system. Make your own blades and test them out. Great for Physics, Environmental Science, and Alternative Technology classes as a hands on lab.

Test up to 6 blades at once with built in pitch angles! Each size blade comes with 6 blades. (6", 8", and 10" blades included)

Includes a manual for building your Wind Turbine, intro curriculum, and a complete ability to customize!

Grades 5+


  • 4 Coils
  • 4 Magnets
  • Complete Rectification experimental kit with diodes, capictors, pre-cut wires, soldress breadboard, led, and piezo buzzer. Manual included
  • 18 Blades (3 different sets of 6 blades)
  • 6 Blade Hub with Pitch angle marks built in
  • Completely hands on building of the Turbine with the ability to customize
  • 26"+ Tall from floor to top of blade
  • Retail Packaging for storage
  • Extensive Curriculum coming soon!
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