SKY-Z Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
SKY-Z Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
SKY-Z Horizontal Wind Turbine-PCS
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SKY-Z Horizontal Wind Turbine

The SKY-Z is our basic Horizontal Wind Turbine but wiith tons of experiments to enjoy teaching or learning about Wind Energy. All of the SKY-Z line have a hub with built in pitch angles and endless ways for the students to customize their Turbines. This turbine creates alternating current power with the ability to rectify your power to direct current. The supplied LED helps to showcase the generated power.

  • We do offer other blade sizes and also the ability to customize your own blade designs by attaching them right on top of the ones supplied.
  • Great for Physics, Environmental Science, and Alternative Technology classes as a hands on lab.
  • We recommned this kit for ages 12+ when using the recitifcation system but 8+ when using just the basic foundation model.
  •  Ages 8+


  • 4 Coils and 4 Magnets for your generator
  • 3 8" blades
  • 3 Blade Hub
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