fischertechnik 3D Printer-PCS
fischertechnik 3D Printer-PCS
fischertechnik 3D Printer-PCS
fischertechnik 3D Printer-PCS
fischertechnik 3D Printer-PCS

fischertechnik 3D Printer

Build, Plug & Print! This build-it-yourself kit gives users a fascinating insight into the groundbreaking technology of 3D printing. Print your own parts yourself at any time - so distinct, so easy, so flexible - for use in your own home! Use either the supplied printing examples, different examples on our eLearning portal ( or your very own print data. The robust 3D printer is easy to build and can be used for 3D printing of different parts. Users acquire basic knowledge about 3D printing and an insight into this revolutionary technology that promises a high degree of future potential. Includes PC software for controlling the printer via the USB interface. The eLearning portal offers exciting, instructional activity information and videos.

  • Incl. 3D controller with Atmel microcontroller, USB interface for PC (Micro B USB port, incl. interface cable), 4 step motor drivers (for x, y and z axes and extruder), one power output (MOS-FET) for the extruder nozzle (hot end), connections for 3 limit switches and a temperature sensor, DC port for voltage supply 19V, 6.3A. Dimension: 150x90x25 mm
  • Incl. 3D Print Control software, with slicer and printer control, specially adapted to fischertechnik 3D printers (Windows 7, 8, 10). Numerous finished printing examples included as G-codes and STL files. Also works with Mac OS X and Linux with the software RepetierHost:
  • Incl. 4 high-torque step motors (x-, y- and z-axes, extruder), 3 mini push-buttons (as limit switches for x-, y- and z-axes), heated nozzle (for 1.75 mm diameter filament) with temperature monitoring, printing bed with removable printing plate
  • Incl. power unit (AC input 100-240V, DC output 19V, 6.3A, 50-60Hz)
  • Incl. high quality filament (50 g roll, PLA, 1.75 mm diameter, green). Premium filament in special fischertechnik colors (50 g roll or 500 g coil) can be ordered separately
  • Printing range: 115x100x65 mm
  • Layer thickness: min. 0.2 mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.5 mm
  • Material: PLA (polylactide)

How much assembly is required?

The entire printer is assembled using the detailed instructions provided in the booklet. Students will be able to build each component and gain a deep understanding of the mechanics behind Cartesian axis movement and FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing.

Does the printer come with software to print?

Yes, the software is included on the CD that comes with the printer.

Does the printer come with a heating element?

Yes, all the necessary parts for a 3D printer are included in the kit and instructions, so you’ll be ready to print after assembling, installing, and calibrating.

Is the filament included?

Yes, all the necessary parts are included, including enough filament to get you started. You will want to purchase more, however. 

Is the print board included?


What filament can this printer use?

1.75mm filament. The heat and rate settings can be changed to extrude any number of materials. You may purchase our lab-approved filament at the following link:

There are no instructions for the software in the booklet, what do I do?

The instructions for the software are included in a folder on the CD.

Does this printer automatically create supports when needed?

No, supports are created during the slicing step. You will need to define what kind of supports you want in your print.

What file-types are compatible with the printing software?

.stl files are able to be sliced into printable files. Otherwise, other sliced files are compatible.

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