BrickLAB Introductory Kit

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IMPORTANT: For a limited time only, you can purchase the BrickLAB Introductory Kit. As a means of allowing educators to experience the BrickLAB products before investing in a full package, this BrickLAB Introductory Kit gives you first-hand experience in the breadth and depth of the unique Educator Guides and student builds. With a FREE Brick Pack included in every purchase, we know you'll fall in love with our curriculum. 

Great Way To Evaluate Curriculum & Try Out Some Builds

When you add this package to your cart you get...

One BrickLAB Brick Pack:

This single Brick Pack includes 654 BrickLAB building bricks, enough bricks for an educator to thoroughly test student builds.

However, the full BrickLAB package (available for purchase here) has the power to instantly transform your current curriculum regime into a hands-on learning experience for every student. Whether you have a wide array of student needs, or not, bricks bring students together to encourage imagination, innovation, collaboration, problem-solving and more. Recommended for students in grades 1-8, the BrickLAB bricks and curriculum packages have an unlimited amount of uses!

And Your Choice of One Curriculum Download from List Below:

BrickLAB Zoo (Grades 1-3): Traverse tricky terrain, shake claws with lobsters and design ecosystems in this life science camp! Discover the diversity of wildlife adaptations, the differences in habitats and what’s necessary for each biome’s survival. Focusing on specific environments, students travel from the sands of the Sahara to the peaks of the Himalayas in search of unique and complex creatures. BrickLAB Zoo delivers an engaging, hands-on experience around the Earth’s biospheres and the vital roles animals play in them. See Spec Sheet | More Details

BrickLAB Famous Architecture (Grades 4-6): Enter the world of famous structures and design in BrickLAB Famous Architecture Around the World! Travel the globe learning how ancient architectural breakthroughs led to the fundamental design elements we know today. From walls and arches to post-and-lintel building techniques, use BrickLAB bricks each day to construct and learn how similar design elements evolved at the same time in different societies around the world. After the foundation’s been poured, discover and replicate some of the most famous structures in history while learning how different societies tackled the stylistic, artful and structural considerations of construction and architecture. Put your hands to work and construct a love for STEAM in BrickLAB Famous Architecture Around the WorldSee Spec Sheet | More Details

BrickLAB Genetics (Grades 6-8): If Aunt Muriel and Uncle Charles both have blue eyes, could their brand new baby have brown eyes? Answer this question and so much more as BrickLAB bricks guide demonstration and examination of the fascinating world of genetics and heredity. Each day, learners build model families to tour the concepts of heredity, construct strands of DNA and review the basics of human inheritance. Through 12 hands-on activities, watch as the intricate coding of genes and the impacts of DNA mutations come to life. With BrickLAB Genetics, students assemble a comprehensive view of the special and distinct processes that make up the world around them! See Spec Sheet | More Details

Note: One BrickLAB Introductory Kit per customer. IMPORTANT NOTICE: To receive the free bricks, you must add this item to your cart. If you select the curriculum download from the curriculum page under "more details" it will not include the free bricks. 

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