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Customized STEM & STEAM Programs for Your Unique Needs

For over 30 years, PCS Edventures has supported classroom and after-school program educators to inspire young minds with hands-on STEM & STEAM learning and exploration. Now more than ever, the education industry looks to us for flexible solutions they can adapt to any environment. 

If you are looking for fun and engaging programs that can be easily implement in-person or remotely whether it be in a synchronous or asynchronous setting, our STEMbassadors are standing by to evaluate your needs and present you with a range of solutions that are being adopted by many schools nationwide. 

Contact a STEMbassador today, or read on to learn more about options for in-person, remote or blended learning environments.

Individual Enrichment Kits: Safe and Convenient Supplies for Each Student

Designed to be fun, stimulating, hands-on solutions with many subjects to choose from, our Enrichment Programs have long been the perfect tools to create engaging STEM programs for students in grades 1-8.

These all-in-one curriculum kits come with all the materials needed to complete all the activities. And now available upon request, you can get these as individual kits eliminating the need to share materials. Click the images and links below to learn more about each program.

Ready to get started? Contact a STEM program expert today to find the right program for your environment.

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Need to Stretch Your Budget? Build A Long-Lasting Program with Bricks

Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy and 21st Century Skills in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, BrickLAB programs support student learning through hands-on STEM & STEAM projects. If you’re looking for a program that is long-lasting and easy to expand, look no further.

BrickLAB programs are well known for their longevity. Once each student has their own set of building bricks, new curriculum can easily be added on to incorporate more subjects or extend into higher grade levels! Click the images and links below to learn more about each program.

Already have plenty of BrickLAB Bricks, Legos or similar? Check out the BrickLAB Collection for more curriculum options.

Special pricing is available for districts looking to customize their BrickLAB program with the help of a STEMbassador. Are you ready to get started?

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Explore Robotics and Engineering with Discover Kits

With student-driven curriculum in programming, robotics, engineering, physics and more, the Discover Series is the perfect way to turn any environment into a STEM makerspace, allowing educators to tap into the natural curiosities of their learners in grades 3-8!

Discover kits are designed to be student-led, making them perfect for remote and asynchronous learning. Get your students started and be available to answer questions as they work through each LABCard to build robots, write code and explore physics concepts! Click the images and links below to learn more about each program.

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