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Thank you for joining us! At PCS Edventures, we strongly believe in developing a curriculum that’s interactive, hands-on and stimulating. Curriculum developed by educators for educators, structured to target different subjects and grade levels. We offer out-of-the-box, easy-to-implement programs that are the perfect fit for after-school programming.


What is Droneology Jr. and who is this for?

Droneology Jr. is a fully animated online teaching tool that immerse students in the newest drone technology teaching them about the world of unmanned aerial vehicles through an 8-part fun and engaging video series with quizzes!

These programs include topics in safety, laws and regulations, flight basics and the many uses of drones! Here's a sneak peak: 


Popular Drones In After-School Programs

As featured in the REMIX presentation, we have developed two additional, carefully scaffolded, drone programs that use both the Premiere Mini Drone and Droneology Jr.:

  • Ready, Set, Drone! students set the foundation by building skills in science and UAV technology to understand the basics of drone tech.
  • Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers: students use creative skills with an understanding of technology and engineering to explore real-world careers in drone performances set to music.

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