New for 2020 Release

Our STEAM Curriculum Just Got Even More Exciting
with Two New Enrichment Programs!

This year the ARTS hit the stage with two new STEAM programs that will amaze young botanists from grades 1-3 and capture the imaginations of 4-8 grade aerial enthusiasts as they explore creative career paths with drone technology.

Each lesson in Plants and Seeds is scaffolded to prepare students for their final tunnel book that describes one method of seed dispersal. Students begin with smaller tasks that teach the science of a seed’s growth and space as an element of art. Learners stay engaged throughout the program with hands-on activities that culminate into a unique, take-home tunnel book they get to show off. Plants and Seeds is an all-in-one kit that is easy to implement right out of the box.


  • A hands-on program that focuses on the magic of the life sciences.
  • STEAM-fueled activities explore the life cycle of a plant, referencing the five modes of seed dispersal and their relation to humans.
  • Multi-subject projects challenge learners to design and create a one-of-a-kind tunnel book.

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Drone Designers guides students through the entire process of understanding drone flight and programming through scaffolded lessons that keep everyone actively engaged. Students take on real-life roles that expose them to potential career paths, including Programmer, Pilot, Creative Director, Lead Designer and Safety Officer. This program includes all of the resources necessary for instructors of any experience level to learn alongside their students and create a drone performance set to music (view spec sheet). 


  • Costume, choreograph and code mini-drones in aerial acrobatic performances.
  • Explore drone technology, the iterative design process and the science of aerodynamics through a curriculum aimed at engaging learners in STEAM.
  • To see this program in action, read about the Pilot Program Performance!

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Entries are no longer being accepted.
Two winners will be selected, one winner for each program.
Entries were accepted between December 15, 2019 through March 21, 2020.
Winners will be selected by March 28th and announced by April 21, 2020.

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