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We proudly sponsor and support Magnet Schools of America by delivering quality K-12 STEAM curriculum that compliments your classroom and out-of-school programming. This year we had the honor of presenting on Drone Designers, one of our most popular drone programs, and gave away discounts and gave away prizes. Read on for details.

Drones In The Arts: Technological Tools For Creative Expression

Putting the “Art” squarely in the center of science, technology, engineering and math, drones are a revolutionary STEAM tool for creative artistic expression.

Presentation Recording


View the slideshow to learn how drones are being used to fulfill artistic vision and how you can engage your students’ creative sides with these revolutionary tools. Step into the real-life roles of drone designer team members that create performances for artists as diverse as Metallica, Drake and Cirque du Soleil. Learn to lead students through the engineering design process as they collaborate to costume, choreograph and code tiny aerial robots in creative performances.

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