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We partner with many GEAR UP and TRIO programs nationwide to provide pathways for students to get certified as a Commercial Drone Pilot.

The drone industry is expected to increase to over $63 billion by 2025. As agriculture, construction, media and more continue to adopt drones, UAVs provide a growing career opportunities. Incorporating drones into the classroom not only encourages students to pursue a career in that field, but it also provides a great way to engage students in all subjects of STEM.

Congratulations to our Discover Mini Drones Winner!

Jessica Tucker

GEAR UP Lead Advisor and Teacher
Carbon County K-12 GEAR UP schools, Green River High & USU Eastern

"I am super excited for this option as an engagement tool with all my students. I will use it to peak the students’ interests in different fields of study that they may never have thought of before. I will also use it to help my students learn and understand more about how drones help in a variety of different ways, especially as an educational resource. Thank you again! My students will love learning with something that is so modern and innovative."

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Drones: Making the Leap from STEM to CTE

Learn how to embrace drones as a new platform for STEM education. Join the discussion for insights into current drone regulations, ethics and the real-world applications of UAVs.

Our panelists will share practical advice for incorporating drones into your program, discuss real GEAR UP students’ experiences and more! Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of how to run a successful drone program.

Introduce Students to the World of UAVs with Droneology

Droneology is an engaging and fun e-course that prepares learners for safe and responsible fun with their UAVs. This course is designed for middle to high school students.

The course is divided into seven parts, each including an engaging video or animation, any additional learning materials that you need and a quiz to test their understanding.

Now is the perfect time to get started with drones!
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Drone Industries are On the Rise

There is a huge demand for drone pilots in today's evolving marketplace, offering a new STEM career path for your students. With opportunities in real estate, emergency services, agriculture, construction, photography and more, many universities are adopting degrees in UAV studies.

At age 16, students can get their Commercial Drone Pilot's License and start working right away as a drone pilot. With salaries that range from 73k to 100k+ per year, drone careers are the perfect opportunity many students are searching for.

PCS Edventures Drones Collection

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