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Congratulations to the winner of Discover Mini Drones: Flight Operations & Coding

Discover Mini Drones

This drone kit comes with the PCS Edventures online drone learning course, Droneology Jr, as well as access to the DroneBlocks library of online coding courses. Explore laws, regulations and science of flight and learn to program with Python and JavaScript.

Note: This Discover Mini Drones kit comes with a single-user license to DroneBlocks, Droneology, and Droneology Jr. This is not intended for classroom use.

Martha Gough

Mentor Teacher & Teacher Trainer from FL

“Drones are another way for engaging learners, even the adults who are looking to improve their students’ performance. To get the teachers motivated to integrate STEM-related activities in their lessons, they must first make a connection to its importance. When they experience a new level of active learning themselves, they will most certainly pass it on to their students.”

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Drones in STEM Education

The Drones Collection puts the world’s fastest-growing technology into the hands of students. Drones invigorate learning environments with hands-on aerial robotics lessons. From piloting skills, flight safety, the positive role they’re playing in our future, and career exploration the world has fallen in love with drones — are you ready to do the same?

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