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PCS Edventures exists to support you in your STEAM education efforts. Whether it's by equipping students with skills and knowledge through successful, hands-on learning methods, or by providing modern curriculum to build tomorrow's brightest future, we're here to help advance education across the board.

2022 Presentations:

Explore how mini-drones can be used to stimulate interest in STEM, teach coding, and be used as a means of artistic expression.

Learn the basics of drone flight and safety through our interactive video course Droneology, examining how drones are becoming a regular part of our daily lives. Then learn how to code drones using DroneBlocks, a free drag-and-drop programming language, followed by a video showcasing how this foundational skill can be implemented to create drone performance art.

Join us on an exciting K-3 hands-on activity where we will explore the history and science of steam locomotives. This fun activity comes from the BrickLAB STEAMventures Transportation Collection (also available: Flight & Food), a 40-page STEAM activity book that expands your student learning with the use of LEGO-like bricks. Grab your bricks and get ready to build and learn to incorporate Science, Math, English language Arts and more with these fun activities.

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