Engaging, Hands-on STEAM Activity Kits

Individual kits exclusively designed with COVID-19 safety in mind and to nurture family engagement for K-3rd graders perfect for any learning environment, home, remote or blended.

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  • Supports family engagement
  • Flexible curriculum fits any environment
  • Hands-on STEAM boosts engagement
  • Project-based learning
  • Social-emotional & ELA connections


Perfect for Classroom, Remote and Blended Environments

Individual kits make distributing materials a breeze.

What's Included?

Customize your package with the following options:

Extend Your Program with More BrickLAB Curriculum

Curriculum books from the entire BrickLAB collection are available in digital or printed format, and most programs are compatible with 1-2
BrickLAB STEAMventures brick kits.

Cover more subjects, increase contact hours and even extend into higher grades by adding on additional curriculum at a fraction of the cost. Drop us a line in the chat or email a STEMbassador for help picking out the best combination! Or, you can view the entire BrickLAB collection by clicking the button below.

View BrickLAB Collection

The base Education Edition collection includes 4 Build magazines for your selected grade band for each student in your class. It also includes one Parent Guide for each family and one Instructor Guide.

BrickLAB Bricks may be added on. All of the magazines and add-ons are packaged for distribution to each student, so the sorting is already done for you.

In the Education Edition, the entire collection is included in one package, so you can choose how often to assign lessons to suit the length of your program. The student kits are already separated, so there is no need to sort materials yourself. Simply distribute each kit to your students and dive right in.

If you already have a plethora of BrickLAB Bricks, Lego or similar building bricks, you may choose to get only the magazine subscription. When BrickLAB Bricks are included, each student receives a washable storage bag to house their bricks. This makes it easy to store student supplies in the classroom or send them home to work through the activities with their families.

After each student has their own set of materials, you can lead the class through each activity, have them work together in small groups or work independently.

In the Education Edition, the entire collection is included in one package, so you can customize the length and order of lessons to suit your program. The student kits come separated for easy distribution. Simply pass them out to your students and get building.

Distribute one pre-packaged kit to each student in your class by mail or through your school's pickup services. This also includes a Parent Guide for each family, making it easy to coordinate the activities with parents through your usual means of communication.

While there are some additional online resources available to supplement BrickLAB STEAMventures activities, all families can get the full STEAM experience without internet or computer access.

The Education Edition comes with all 4 different issues of the collection together in one package, so you can choose how to incorporate each magazine into your program. The student kits come pre-separated and ready to use. Hand out these kits to your students and get started.

You may choose not to add on BrickLAB Bricks if you already own enough Bricks, Legos or similar building bricks. A washable storage bag is included with each set of BrickLAB Bricks, which students can use to store their supplies in the classroom or take them home.

Try dividing up the activities to complete some during class and continue the learning fun at home.

BrickLAB STEAMventures is designed to engage students by:

  • using hands-on manipulatives, allowing kids to practice problem-solving and critical thinking while building something tangible with their own two hands.
  • incorporating choice through printed and digital choice boards that cater to different learning styles.
  • keeping the language simple and accessible.
  • working in creativity and physical activity to support social-emotional and physical health.

BrickLAB STEAMventures is flexible enough to support all kinds of learning environments and family situations.

  • Each student gets their own complete set of materials that are easy to store in the classroom or send home. No technology required and no need to share materials.
  • Simple language and step-by-step, illustrated instructions help students make ELA connections. Activities are accessible to early readers and ESL families.
  • Choice boards give students multiple ways to learn the material and demonstrate their understanding. This accommodates different learning styles and kids with disabilities.

Not at all. If you can read in English, you can use BrickLAB STEAMventures!

The activities in each magazine are written to suit children of different reading levels. This student-led curriculum lets kids learn at their own pace.

You will also be provided with an Instructor Guide, and parents will have a Parent Guide to help oversee student learning experiences.

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Join our STEM development experts and the authors of BrickLAB STEAMventures in this webinar, Home Learning with BrickLAB STEAMventures: A New Way to Connect with Parents and Students.

Here, they discuss strategies for partnering with families both during traditional instruction and remote learning. They also discuss the benefits and structure of BrickLAB STEAMventures, including how it can be used to strengthen that critical partnership with parents and guardians.

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