Discover Robotics & Programming II Individual Kit

  • 195.00 USD
40 More Hours of Robotics and Programming!

Add on to your Robotics & Programming I kit with this additional set of LABCards that take learners' programming skills to the next level. This additional curriculum is perfect for filling out a longer unit or continuing the program into higher grade levels.


  • Ages: 10-14
  • Number of Activities: 16 step-by-step builds and endless open-ended extensions
  • Subject Areas: Technology, Robotics & Coding
  • Student-driven lessons to work independently
  • 100% Reusable: LABCards are printed on sturdy cardstock that can be reused for years to come.
  • Prerequisite: This curriculum is an add-on to Discover Robotics & Programming I.

Student Projects:

  1. Generate random number values and write a program that makes decisions based on those values.
  2. Set up a light sensor and calibrate it by testing values received by The Brain.
  3. Integrate sensors into a program and create conditions from the sensor inputs.
  4. Create more advanced program structures with WAIT UNTIL commands.
  5. Calibrate two new sensors and learn how to interpret the data they collect.
  6. Integrate infrared and ultrasonic sensors to make RiQ more autonomous.
  7. Add logical operators (AND & OR) to write more complex IF conditions.
  8. Use variables to increase the efficiency and capabilities of your programs.
  9. Learn how to use the virtual sensors available in Cortex to create a user interface.
  10. Change values in a running program with sliders.
  11. Program a virtual joystick and a virtual accelerator sensor to drive robots remotely.
  12. Incorporate audio input and on/off toggles to create even more complex interactions with RiQ.
  13. Integrate and control variables in loop logic.
  14. Apply variables, sensors and logic to program a robot that acts like it's afraid of the dark.
  15. Use ultrasonic sensors to program RiQ to navigate through an obstacle course.
  16. Learn how to write a flowchart to plan programs before they are written.

Complete Program Includes:

  • LABcards: 20
  • Expanding file folder for storage: 1

Educators & Homeschoolers:

For more information on academic standards and package deals for educators, visit Discover Robotics & Programming II.

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