AFTER-SCHOOL: Learning Doesn't Stop At 3:00PM!

At PCS Edventures, our after-school products and activities are designed with educators in mind. Whether your after-school programs are administered by veteran educators or volunteers, PCS Edventures has developed products and curriculum for all instructor and student needs. Our educators have developed out-of-the-box activities that are proven to engage students, of all levels. Our expertise is exciting, hands-on projects that teach Science, Technology, Engineering  and Mathematics (STEM) concepts. Whether you are looking to teach specific subjects, or not sure where to start with your program, PCS Edventures has solutions for every after-school enrichment program. 

Cubelets 5-Port USB Charger-PCS Quick shop
Cubelets Curiosity Set-PCS Quick shop
Cubelets Discovery Set-PCS Quick shop
Cubelets Creative Constructors PLUS Educator Pack-PCS Quick shop
Cubelets Brilliant Builder Pack-PCS Quick shop
Cubelets BOT Builder-PCS Quick shop

Cubelets BOT Builder

from 129.00 USD

Summer Camp Classics-PCS Quick shop

Summer Camp Classics

from 129.00 USD

DroneBlocks: Coding with Drones-PCS Quick shop
Build a Better World Camp-PCS Quick shop

Build a Better World Camp

from 129.00 USD