Cubelets Inspired Inventors Pack

  • 3,990.00 USD
More Cubelets, More Fun!

The largest Cubelets set, the Inspired Inventors Pack is perfect for makerspaces, libraries, museums, classrooms, and all educators who know students can’t get enough of Cubelets. Designed for six to twelve student groups, everyone has a chance for in-depth exploration of robotics, STEAM, and computational thinking. Includes 156 SENSE, THINK, and ACT Cubelets, and the Bluetooth® Hat for pairing with the free iOS, Android, and FireOS compatible companion app to program, remote control , or even change the way your Cubelets robots behave with the Personality Swap™ feature. Also includes Brick Adapters, two 5-port chargers, micro-USB charging cables, and two new, easy-to-organize storage tubs.

Includes 156 Cubelets:

  • Battery Cubelets: 12
  • Passive Cubelets: 12
  • Inverse Cubelets: 12
  • Blocker Cubelets: 12
  • Threshold Cubelets: 6
  • Distance Cubelets: 12
  • Brightness Cubelets: 12
  • Knob Cubelets: 12
  • Drive Cubelets: 12
  • Flashlight Cubelets: 12
  • Rotate Cubelets: 12
  • Speaker Cubelets: 6
  • Bar Graph Cubelets: 6
  • Minimum Cubelets: 6
  • Maximum Cubelets: 6
  • Temperature Cubelets: 6

Plus: 6 Bluetooth Hats, 24 Stud Brick Adapters, 24 Socket Brick Adapters, 2 5-Port Chargers, 10 Charging Cables, and 2 Storage Tubs.

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