Top 10 STEAM Picks for 2019

Every year, hundreds of educational products are released into the world. While this new technology is exciting and innovative, it also means hours of research for the educators who want to bring fresh STEAM programs to their students.

To help make their jobs a little easier, we’ve created this one-stop shop for the learning solutions we’re most excited for this year. Buckle up, and get ready for a year of STEAMventures!

Top 10 STEAM 2019 Products Infographic.

Grades 1-3

The Science of Superpowers

Subject Areas: Science, Engineering, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Superman, Spiderman and all of our favorite heroes have mysterious origin stories for their special powers, but how do they work? In The Science of Superpowers, students dig into the science behind Captain America’s invincible shield, explore the four forces of flight and air pressure acting on Wonder Woman’s invisible jet and experiment with a myriad of other superpowers. In this unique and page-turning program, collaboration, communication and community awareness reign supreme. Are you ready to dive into the world of comic books and explore STEAM through a medium your learners are thrilled to engage with?

BrickLAB Brain Builders

Subject Areas: Science, Engineering, Social Studies, Math, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Using bricks to enhance learning, this program focuses on communication and teamwork as learners tackle exercises in social studies, geography, history and biology, all while constructing, collaborating and learning together. Using brain-building logic puzzles to develop new problem-solving skills, each day of program introduces fresh and exciting STEM concepts. From structures to puzzles, BrickLAB Brain Builders is a sure-fire way to bring fun and interactive learning into any setting!

Cubelets Bot Builder

Subject Areas: Engineering, Technology, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Coming in 2019! Build a variety of fully functional robots or design your own using Cubelets, the modular robotics building blocks! In this program, students work to harness the power of STEM to make robots move, sense and adapt to their surroundings. Through practical hands-on learning, Cubelets BOT Builder provides hours of creative fun and problem-solving. From the Fraidy BOT that runs away to the fantastic Steer BOT who avoids crashes, Cubelets Bot Builder is here to help you introduce robotics to our youngest roboticians!

Grades 3-6

Discover STEM Lab

Subject Areas: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Why We Love It: Updated for 2019! Discover STEM Lab aims to inspire upcoming generations to pursue careers in STEM by giving them a better understanding of what STEM education entails. There are two versions of Discover STEM Lab:

Grades 3-4

  • Includes BrickLAB Zoology, Discover Digital Video Lab, Discover Cubelets and Discover Digits & Design

Grades 5-6

  • Includes Discover Dynamics, Discover Robotics and Programming I, Discover Engineering and Discover Renewable Energy: Solar Beginner.

Thriving as mini makerspaces, these labs reach students using modern technology to instill real-life skills and bring learning to life through approachable, application-based activities.

BrickLAB STEM Foundations

Subject Areas: Engineering, Math, Science, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: BrickLAB STEM Foundations is your STEM library. Inside, you’ll find the four books of STEM focusing on physics, technical communication, construction engineering and math. Employing flexible curriculum, BrickLAB STEM Foundations successfully engages a wide variety of age levels and learning environments. From exploring Newton’s Third Law to studying flying buttresses, this grab-bag contains over 48 hours of stimulating, real-world building adventures. With an assessment to check for understanding at the end of each exercise, guide your students as they discover everything the world of STEM has to offer!

Traveling Artist

Subject Areas: Science, Art, Social Studies, Math, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: This program allows learners to survey the world of art by carving totem poles in the Pacific Northwest, crafting Aztec masks in the heart of Mexico and experimenting with the artistic traditions of history. Students get creative examining the STEM processes that make art possible, like the delicate balance of water tension involved in Japanese Suminagashi paper or the cultural traditions of Chinese “dragons.” In Traveling Artist, explore the different cultures of the world through their history, legacy and incredible works of art!

Grades 4-8

Ready, Set, Drone!

Subject Areas: Engineering, Science, Math, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Updated for 2019! Now with the latest and easiest-to-use mini-drone technology and new video content designed especially for the very youngest pilots-in-training, Ready, Set, Drone! is the perfect introduction to the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In this indoor program, safety is a priority as students learn to fly in first-person view (FPV), exploring the real-world applications of drones. Combining creative thinking with teamwork and core STEM concepts, Ready, Set, Drone! brings the planet’s fastest-growing technology to your learners.


Subject Areas: Technology, Art, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Tap into the incredible practice of stop-motion film production and learn the technique from the ground up. Claymation contains everything students need to create their own, individual movies, including top-quality clay, fun-to-use software, adorable cameras and amazing curriculum, easily turning anyone into a filmmaker. Through cumulative daily projects, teamwork, technological literacy and a little bit of movie-making magic, you’re sure to win awards at the film festival held the last day of program!

Discover Engineering

Subject Areas: Engineering, Math, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: Discover Engineering is a fast-moving kit that covers a wide variety of mechanical and structural engineering topics as it prepares students to adapt to today’s rapidly evolving technology. Jumping from wheels and pulleys to different types of gears, students build upon each day’s new concept as they combine what they’ve learned into more complex systems. This kit uses advanced fischertechnik®️ manipulatives allowing learners to move beyond basic interlocking building blocks and into advanced machines.

Grades 7+

Discover Drones

Subject Areas: Engineering, Math, Science, English Language Arts

Why We Love It: In Discover Drones, your learning environment will experience first-hand the world’s fastest-growing technology. Starting with lessons in engineering and applied science, students begin by building RubiQ, their modular, open-source training drone! After learning the safety regulations and procedures surrounding unmanned aerial vehicles, they’ll then start with the basics of flight, first becoming comfortable on a training simulator before moving onto line-of-sight piloting. After mastering RubiQ’s controls, it’s time for students to don their first-person view (FPV) goggles, experiencing what super-charged STEM is like!

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With this collection of STEAMtacular solutions, get ready for never-ending exploration and excitement! There is so much to discover — on top of the top picks for 2019, our complete STEAM product line has over 70 different learning solutions primed to invigorate the unique needs of your learning environment.

Take a look at the 2019 Product Catalog:

Plus, PCS Edventures designs with you in mind. All of these products are turn-key solutions, ready to be implemented right out of the box. Each kit is aligned to national educational standards including Common Core, NGSS, ISTE, 21st Century Learning and Habits of Mind, making them a perfect fit for classrooms, makerspaces, libraries, after-school programs, summer camps and beyond!

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