Customer Spotlight: Mandy Lisinksy

Customer Spotlight: Mandy Lisinksy

Kyler and Mandy
"I'm so close!  Can't I just finish it before I leave?!!"  Kyler [Lisinksy] reluctantly gathered up his engineering components and robot-project-under-construction and put them away until his next visit to the EdventuresLab in Boise.  

Mandy Lisinksy and her son Kyler have been PCS EdventuresLAB customers for over two years, and in that time have experienced some awesome STEM exploration opportunities ranging from structural and mechanical engineering to robotics and programming. 

"He always talks about it on the way home, so I know he's learning, having a great time, and is engaged," said Mandy in our profile interview. "I love the program and curriculum design which enables Kyler to pick his own path for learning - it's a great approach.  To have so many options to experiment and explore, it's a great way for Kyler to learn about what he might want to pursue before he starts applying to colleges."  

Mandy went on to discuss how access to the considerable resources in the Lab, both equipment and people, provides a high value to Kyler since it's beyond what she is able to offer through homeschooling.

The variety of subject areas, the varied interests of students Kyler works next to, the access to the awesome staff all contribute to a great learning experience.  Kyler is a Bronze Congressional Award winner and is now working on his Silver using EdventuresLab goal setting and project work to support his application.   

Mandy said, "I appreciate how purposeful the program is and the goal setting especially - Heidi sits down with him and inspires him to find his path, and to set specific goals.  He gets excited and drives himself to achieve them.   It's awesome!"

Kyler also has PCS robotics products in the home and is on his second generation Brain.  Using fischertechnik components, the Brain, and the PCS Cortex Kyler spends time inventing his own creations and experimenting with new ways to build and design.

"There are always robots running around the house," said Mandy. 

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