#Hashtags for Education

#Hashtags for Education

With an abundance of educational products on the market, it may seem as if PCS is yet just another competitor in the race for attention and consumer spending. However, it is important to note that our products have been created and envisioned with the utmost creativity; we are also mindful that our creations strive to meet the needs and expectations of students seeking a greater understanding of STEM. Further, we have an equally greater passion for equipping both teachers and parents with the best resources available to help guide said students in the learning process.

As social media sites continue to evolve, the ever beloved “hashtag” is proving to be a key player in the goal of obtaining the maximum attention given the smallest amount of required necessary information. In following suit, PCS has deemed it appropriate to provide our own variation on this trend!

General Education - #k12, #edchat, #educhat, #nchat, #curriculum

The discourse surrounding how to best understand general education is becoming increasingly navigated by hashtags that, quite literally, emphasize “education”. Using these catchphrases can help parents and educators easily identify the best resources available for students.

Subject Areas - #mathchat, #scichat, #Coding, #3DPrinting, #DroneEd

These hashtags are popularly connected to burgeoning research in the area of STEM, coding, and 3D printing. PCS offers a wide variety of products that are geared to meet the needs of students and educators in specific subject areas. As an endeavor, drone technology is emerging as a new area of research and PCS is launching its Drones Camp this week to help encourage and grow drone understanding and its applications.

Education Issues - #edreform, #infolit, #literacy, #profdev

PCS is specifically concerned with the issues that are paramount in education, particularly in the area of equipping teachers with the resources they need to maximize classroom and student growth and development. In a broad sense, bringing about education reform involves students, parents, and education corporations; if there is a collective sense of information dispersal, then a more comprehensive picture of what is needed in education can be provided.

In order to stay abreast on the most exciting topics and needs of students and educators, PCS strives to continuously allocate resources and time dedicated to fostering academic growth and promoting the reception of a more robust STEM education. We hope that these “hashtags” will be helpful in your own pursuit of realizing PCS’ company goals!

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