Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS
Discover Robotics & Programming I-PCS

Discover Robotics & Programming I

The PCS Edventures Discover Robotics & Programming Kit is a one-of-a-kind collection combining both exceptional curriculum and high-quality mechanical building pieces. The robotics curriculum is a platform that teaches basic programming logic in the context of mechanical output, which allows students to gain integral 21st century skills like creative problem-solving as well as thinking logically and critically. This cross-curricular technique also aligns with various national and international teaching standards including the following: Common Core, International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

By combining a game-like programming interface and real mechanical robotic components, the Discover Robotics & Programming Kit is one of the most versatile and useful teaching tools of today. Projects focus on the integration of STEAM skills by incorporating math, physics and engineering principles. Each project is followed with an optional journaling component to fuse language arts and reflection, in response to extensive research that illustrates the benefits of including reflective elements in STEM classrooms.

With Discover Robotics & Programming students have the freedom to iterate and design, while gaining tangible benefits from frequent analysis and reflection. Individual Discover Robotics & Programming kits are meant to be used with 1-3 students. Each level within the student-driven series focuses on different concepts and are clearly aligned for specified age ranges, allowing educators to implement the most appropriate activities in their classrooms which are also engaging, fun and educational!

Club Pack: 
The Discover Robotics & Programming Club Pack comes with five (5) individual kits, each of which is suitable for 1-3 students. To get most for your money, and your learning environment, choose the Club Pack! This bundle is perfect for small classrooms with up to 15 students, after-school programs, home school groups and more!

Classroom Pack:  The Discover Robotics & Programming Classroom Pack includes 16 individual kits, which are stored in a high-quality hardwood furniture case with rolling casters. Each kit, is meant to be used with 1-3 students, so the Classroom Pack can be utilized with groups of 16-48 students! In addition, the Classroom Pack comes with a special Robotics Challenge Guide for additional ideas and guidance when attempting local or national robotics competitions.

Cortex Programming Software Downloads

MAC OSX for iPad v3 and later
Android iOS

Brain Controller Pack

The Brain robotic controller from PCS Edventures! offers students the opportunity to learn about robotics like never before. With quick processing power, wireless connectivity, and physical sensors, the Brain is used with the Cortex programming environment to create a comprehensive hands-on robotics education experience.

With physical hooks that are easily adaptable to LEGO and fischertechnik parts, students can build to their imagination’s content. Then, using the Cortex, students program desired movement and watch their creations come to life!

The advanced sensor pack allows robots to interact with the physical world and respond to received stimuli. New sensors include touch, infrared, optical, LED, and ultrasonic.  

Discover Robotics & Programming is an extremely versatile kit which can be used in a variety of educational environments. When choosing to purchase the kit, there are two options for curriculum which can be paired with the physical building manipulative: the Classroom Curriculum or the LABCards Curriculum.

If you are unsure which option is best for you, please feel free to contact one of our STEM experts for assistance!

Classroom Curriculum:

This option was developed specifically for classroom use, and therefore is called the Classroom Curriculum. In this bound book are projects, challenges and design activities suitable for students in grades 6-8. The Classroom version booklet, meant for 1-3 students, progresses through four different levels, each of which includes journaling components and a variety of assessment options for teachers to choose from.

Grades: 6-8
Students: Up to 3 per kit
Contact Hours: 25+

Classroom Curriculum Spec Sheet:
Click image below to view PDF file.

Discover Robotics and Programming I Classroom Curriculum

LABCards Curriculum:

This curriculum is unique in the fact that is can be utilized with younger students in grades 4-8, and is extremely student-driven. This option also comes with four different levels of cards, and each level includes 5 cards. With a total of 20 cards full of activities, challenges and design activities, the LABCards can be used in after-school programs or other educational settings that require curricular flexibility. Each set of LABCards can be used by individual students, or used in small groups to encourage collaborative skills.

Grades: 4-8
Students: Up to 3 per kit
Contact Hours: 25+

LABCards Curriculum Spec Sheet:
Click image below to view PDF file.
Discover Robotics and Programming I LABCards Spec Sheet

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